Global QUIPTM Prefix Registry and Integration Services Launch for ISO 8000 and ISO 22745.

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Global QUIPTM Prefix Registry and Integration Services Launch for ISO 8000 and ISO 22745.

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QUIPLAB July 11,

QUIPLAB, ECCMA and KOIOS Master Data launch services to enable organizations across multiple industries and geographies to adopt ISO 22745 and ISO800

Washington D.C. — July 6, 2017

Failed orders due to bad data cost companies billions of dollars every year. There are millions of product identifiers for all types of products and services across the global supply chain. In an electronic marketplace, buyers need to correctly identify suppliers and product part numbers to successfully purchase an item. Incorrect product numbers and incomplete supplier information cause orders to fail, costing businesses both time and money. The business challenge, and the opportunity, is to streamline the order process and eliminate these errors.

ISO 8000-115 allows companies to standardize their product numbers with a QUIPTM Prefix, or Quality Identifier Prefix. ISO 22745 helps companies to standardize the format of their product technical specifications. These two standards establish that the product number and technical specifications are the key data that flows through the supply chain, making it crucial to provide guidance on how to keep the data accurate, validated, verifiable and recognizable.

The benefits of adopting these standards are many:

  • First, QUIPTM Prefixes create a clear connection between the product number and the company that issued the product number. This improves order quality, reduces the number of failed orders and streamlines the order management lifecycle.
  • Second, QUIPTM Prefixes validates product data by enabling online electronic validation of product identifiers and corresponding technical specifications, and eliminates expensive manual input and the time needed to scrub and catalog the data.
  • Third, implementation of QUIPTM Prefixes and ISO 22745 standard format for technical specifications is a low-cost solution that leverages a company’s existing investments in ERP systems.
  • Finally, by registering your brand or your company’s name as a prefix, you protect and promote your brand name. A QUIPTM Prefix is similar to a Domain Name – it can be a company’s name, a product name or an acronym or bbreviation. By securing the prefix, no other company can use your branded name with its products.

Not only are organizations recognizing these benefits and looking to adopt the standards, but the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as part of their Vision 2030 program, has developed a National Industrial Strategy (NIS). During this summer of 2017, exporters of industrial items have begun to receive notifications requesting that they register standardized part numbers with branded QUIPTM Prefixes, or the unwieldy and unrecognizable NATO Cage Codes, according to ISO 8000-115, and standardized commercial specifications according to ISO 8000-120 in an open global registry of technical specifications.

By integrating systems using the new Prefix Name Service messaging protocol, QUIPLAB, ECCMA and KOIOS Master Data are each now able to provide organizations with the tools, training and services they need to adopt these standards quickly and easily:

  • QUIPLAB provides the primary global Registration Utility for the QUIPTM Prefix, also known as the ISO 8000-115 Quality Identifier Prefix;
  • ECCMA, the project leader for ISO 22745 (Open technical dictionaries and their application to master data) and ISO 8000 (Data quality) enables organizations to register their QUIP and validate their technical specifications against an open technical dictionary; and
  • KOIOS Master Data who provide cloud-based software tools including KOIOS 8000 (Technical Specification Converter) allows organizations to register their QUIP and convert all their technical specifications to comply fully with ISO 8000.

“The process to register a QUIP is simple and fast for companies who understand the cost-saving and brand-enhancing value of ISO 8000 – 115,” said Justin S. Magruder,
President of QUIPLAB. “The integration of services using the PNS protocol between ECCMA and KOIOS Master Data will bring an array of new features and integration with the broader, ISO 22745 and 8000 ecosystem.”

Peter Benson, President of ECCMA, said “The launch of these integrated services is truly the realization of a collective vision we had in the ISO and EDI communities, as technologists and systems architects, more than 2 decades ago. We have begun to see a number of significant and important organizations adopt these standards, and quickly realize the benefits.”

Simon Towner, Chief Operating Officer of KOIOS Master Data added “This is a unique moment, as innovative companies that are passionate about improving data quality throughout the supply chain can now help their customers reduce costs and accelerate sales. The ISO framework ensures that any organization, of any size, in any location, and in whatever business segment they work to become fully compliant with the standards and to reap the significant cost benefits that come from doing so.”


QUIPLAB LLC, an Entity Resolution Services Limited Liability Company, was launched in 2016 with a mission to act as the global Registrar and Registry for QUIPTM Prefixes and QUIPTM Sub-Prefixes, with the goal of improving data quality throughout the supply chain. The company also offers a wide range of data management products and advisory services designed to improve business performance and reduce information management costs. QUIPLAB is a registered trademark of Entity Resolution Services
LLC in the United States and many other countries. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from 163 national standards organizations and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.


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ECCMA is the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association, a not-for-profit International Association of Master Data Quality Managers established in 1999, and is the leading not-for-profit professional association focused on developing international standards and best practices for cataloging, data cleansing and master data quality.


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About KOIOS Master Data

KOIOS is a cloud-based online community that enables manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and MRO organisations across many industries, including oil & gas,power transmission & distribution, finance and retail, to easily collaborate by searching for, uploading and downloading product quality data, in particular product specifications.

All catalogue items are available in an open, resolvable, machine readable form throughout the product data lifecycle across multiple organisations without language restrictions. By adhering to ISO Standards 22745 and 8000 all data is guaranteed to be accurate, complete and with known provenance.


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