QUIPLAB.com Registration Services prepares for Phase 2 Launch.

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QUIPLAB.com Registration Services prepares for Phase 2 Launch.

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QUIPLAB June 2017

QUIPLAB.com Registration Service Prepares for Phase 2 Launch

QUIPLAB Registers Prefixes for Global Brands to help Brand Managers Accelerate Procurement Processes and simplify Supply Chain Management for Customers

            Washington D.C. — QUIPLAB —QUIPLAB is preparing for the Phase 2 launch on June 15, and is beginning to transform supply chain management and reduce costs for several major technology and energy companies. QUIPLAB Phase 2 includes access to validation and integration services across the ISO 8000 ecosystem. The new services simplify access to a library of product specifications in standardized ISO 22745 formats, provide validation of legal entities, and streamline registration processes.

              Failed orders due to bad data cost companies billions of dollars every year. There are millions of product identifiers for all types of products and services across the global supply chain. In an electronic marketplace, buyers need to correctly identify suppliers and product part numbers to successfully purchase an item. Incorrect product numbers and incomplete supplier information cause orders to fail, costing businesses both time and money. The business challenge, and the opportunity, is to streamline the order process and eliminate these errors.
QUIPLAB and ISO 8000 address these supply chain failures by providing unique and identifiable product Prefixes that link to easy-to-access technical specifications in a standard format for each product. QUIPLAB reduces or eliminates many of these failures.

ECCMA1 (Electronic Commerce Code Management Association), a US non-profit, is the ISO project manager for, ISO 80002. ISO 8000 is the global standard for Data Quality and Enterprise Master Data, and describes Quality Data as Portability data that meets requirements.

Peter Benson, President of ECCMA, said that “QUIPLAB implements the Prefix Name Service Protocol (PNS) which is modeled very closely on the DNS domain name system. After more than a decade of work with ISO, several ECCMA members, and high technology and energy companies, the Registry and QUIPLAB are in production and public registrations are being accepted now.” ECCMA has worked closely with the ISO

1 ECCMA.org
2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8000

committee and QUIPLAB to design and implement the ISO 8000 master data and automation standards and protocols.

ISO 8000-115 requires companies to standardize their product numbers with a QUIP or Quality Identifier Prefix and standardize the format of their product technical specifications (ISO 22745). This standard recognizes that the product number and technical specifications are the key data that flows through the supply chain, making it crucial to provide guidance on how to keep the data accurate, validated, verifiable and recognizable.

“The process to register a QUIP is simple and fast, at www.quiplab.com, for companies who understand the cost-saving and brand-enhancing value of ISO 8000 – 115,” said Justin S. Magruder, President of QUIPLAB. “Phase 2 will bring an array of new features and integration with the broader, ISO 8000 ecosystem, including several free services such as the ECCMA Technical Specifications Repository 3 and interfaces with procurement systems for enhanced supply chain management.”

The benefits of adopting this standard are many.

First, QUIP Prefixes create a clear connection between the product number and the company that issued the product number. This improves order quality, reduces the number of failed orders and streamlines the order management lifecycle.

Second, QUIP validates product data by enabling online electronic validation of product identifiers and corresponding technical specifications, and eliminates expensive manual input and the time needed to scrub and catalog the data.

Third, implementation of QUIP and ISO 22745 standard format for technical specifications is a low-cost solution that leverages a company’s existing investments in ERP systems.

Finally, by registering your brand or your company’s name as a prefix, you protect and promote your brand name. A QUIP is similar to a Domain Name – it can be a company’s name, a product name or an acronym or abbreviation. By securing the prefix, no other company can use your branded name with its products.


QUIPLAB LLC, in partnership with Noetic Partners, was launched in 2016 with a mission to act as the Registrar to manage prefixes and sub-prefixes with the goal of improving data quality throughout the supply chain.

Founded in 2008, Noetic Partners Inc. is a pioneer and the worldwide leader in financial information management and financial master data management. The company offers a wide range of data management products and services designed to improve business performance and reduce information management costs.

ECCMA is the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association, a not-for-profit International Association of Master Data Quality Managers established in 1999, and is the leading not-for-profit professional association focused on developing international standards and best practices for cataloging, data cleansing and master data quality.

Noetic Partners Inc. and QUIPLAB are registered trademarks of Noetic Partners Inc. in the United States and many other countries. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from 163 national standards organizations and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

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