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Welcome To Quiplab

This is the primary global Registration Utility for the ISO 8000-115 Quality
Identifier Prefix (QUIP). Companies with valuable products, brands and customers use the QUIP Prefix to streamline processes and reduce costs in supply chains and
distribution networks.

What is a QUIP? An ISO 8000 Quality Identifier Prefix (QUIP) is a unique name or alpha-numeric character string that is used by manufacturers and distributors to uniquely identify products and replacements parts and link them to corresponding ISO Technical Specifications (ISO/TS). QUIPLAB provides a simple process for
QUIP registration.

Business owners and managers may register those names as ISO 8000 Quality Identifier Prefixes and Sub-Prefixes.

How does QUIP work? It’s simple:

  • First, companies register Prefixes to identify company products.
  • Second, registered companies publish ISO 22745 Product Specifications that describe their products.
  • Third, purchasing organizations ask the Prefix Registry for the location of the Product Specifications.
  • Fourth, purchasing organizations conduct an apples-to-apples evaluation of product requirements using the standardized ISO/TS.

The ISO 8000 QUIP registration process are being adopted by globalprocurement organizations to streamline purchasing processes and reduce the costs of operating.

How do I Register a QUIP? Manufacturers and distributors should complete the entire registration process if they consider their product data unique. Organizations should reserve their Prefix if they manufacture or distribute products or services, even if they do not have a product resolution service where specifications can be found.


QUIPAB LLC was formed in 2016 to be the primary Registrar (QUIPLAB) for the global Quality Identifier Registry to support ISO 8000-115.


Why do we need an ISO 8000 -115 QUIP?

  • QUIP helps companies protect their BRANDS and Product Information.
  • Thousands of organizations issue millions of identifiers around the world, but these tend to lose value for three reasons:
  1. The issuing authorities for the identifiers lose recognition from users.
  2. Identifiers are duplicated, and new, redundant identifiers are created.
  3. The original identifiers become inaccessible, or difficult to validate without manual intervention.
  • Businesses spend $billions fixing Failed Orders, due to cancellations or corrections.
  • Retail solutions – the GS1 prefix used in retail barcodes – cannot solve this problem.
  • QUIPLAB.com is the solution, and has been rapidly adopted by leading search engines.
  • The QUIPLAB Registrar and ECCMA Registry address critical failures in supply chain management .


QUIPLAB is a smart company created to solve the international data quality crisis.